SurfSkill Lesson

Have you mastered the basic skills of surfing, do you want to develop your skills more and make the step to surfing green (unbroken) waves? Then join the Surfskill lessons! A 1.5 hour lesson at set times during the week, in which we focus on the skills for an intermediate surfer. Also because it’s fun to surf with others!

The SurfSkill lessons consist of groups of a maximum of 8 people per instructor and continue with a minimum of 4 registrations.

To participate in the Surfskill lessons it is important that you have already followed an All-in surf course with us or are able to surf broken waves independently and can also steer them to the left / right. You are ready to learn to surf more unbroken waves.

If you want to sign up for this lesson you can book here or call (06-49392095).

  • €29,50 per lesson
  • €124,50 for 5-lesson package

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