Session analysis

Want to learn a lot in a short time? 

The Session Analysis is similar to the progression session, but then there is a video analysis. 

The session lasts 1.5 hours (of which at least one hour of effective video time). The images are shared in a closed online video where feedback is given through voice-over. 

The videos remain available so that you not only learn a lot from yourself but also from others. 

The Session Analysis is intended for people with their own equipment, a board can be rented if necessary.

The session analysis only makes sense if there are waves, so we have a special whatsapp group for the participants. We keep an eye on the predictions, and give you a heads up when a session is coming. You can then see for yourself whether you are in a position to participate.

Send an app to 0649392095 with the text PS and your name, and we’ll add you.

• €39,50 per person
• €174,50 for a 5-lesson card