Fully catered day surfing

Experience the real beach life and also get a little pampered.

The fully arranged day of surfing is for the surfer to-be who wants to be pampered.

The program starts in the morning with a delicious breakfast on the beach, after which the first surf lesson can begin. Then there is a delicious lunch in the afternoon, after which the second lesson starts. If you have any energy left after that time, you can still use the equipment yourself to be able to enjoy a fantastic dinner in the evening sun! All food and drinks are organic, also vegetarian and vegan available.

Costs for this day are € 119,50 per person incl. use of a surfboard and wetsuit.

The fully catered day of surfing can be given on any day that suits you best.

Would you like to book a fully catered day of surfing? Click here to book, or call +31649392095

Breakfast: Organic full-bodied yogurt with granola and honey, fresh fruit, coffee or tea of ​​your choice.

Lunch: American pancake of your choice with a smoothie and coffee or tea of ​​your choice.

Dinner: Tortilla of your choice with a drink of your choice and coffee or tea after.

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