Coaching for advanced is for surfers who are already a more developed in their surfing .

In every sport you’ll come to a point where progress is getting slower, the so called “plateau”. The learning curve slows down, or your development is hindered by something you don’t realise yourself. We’re there to get you back on track in no-time!

Coaching with video analysis gives a clear image of where the struggles are in technique. Years of experience in competitive surfing and coaching made the best place for an intermediate or advanced surfer to develop.

The sessions are 1-on-1, but can be expanded to small groups. During the lesson we’ll make a (video) analysis of your technique , which will bring out targets to work on in your surfing.

Coaching without video analysyis is the same price as a private lesson

With coaching including video analysis our prices are as follows:

1 person: €100,-

2 persons: €160,-

3 persons: €200,-

This includes evaluation, editing of the video footage , and a disc with the video footage on it.